Cover creation help

Hello, fellow authors!

I know the forum isn’t too busy these days, so I thought I’d just drop this in here for all of you getting started (as I am!) with creating a Tales story.

One of the coolest things you can do is create your own cover art for your stories. Obviously, there are a million ways to do it, but one super easy and fast way is with Canva ( No affiliate link, btw, just an honest recommendation.

Even an idiot like me :slight_smile: can set up the custom size for a Tales cover art (1080 x 1468 pixels) in about two clicks and then get started on making a cool piece of art.

Good luck and have fun!


Thank you for sharing it in the forum too :smiley: and no problem we also shared the link on discord :slight_smile: so you’re fine!

This is a great resource!! Thanks for sharing. We’ll be doing some more formal forum organization in the coming weeks, so we’ll have to include a category for resources :slight_smile:

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