Cover Tips + Show & Tell!

What makes for the best story cover? Post here how you get covers made and what you try to include, or just post your latest cover to show it off!

What tools do you use?
What do you think absolutely needs to be included or considered?
What do you think is eye-catching?

I don’t have a ton of tips yet for this just yet but I will say that our data shows that stories that have a cover with a face or with people making eye contact with the viewer seem to get more attention than ones that don’t! :thinking:

For tools

Free image searches (pixabay, pexels, or similar)

  • please make sure not to just “steal” someone’s art without permission (or having bought/commissioned it) :frowning: as an author, you’re an artist too. Think about how you’d feel someone taking your story and publishing it somewhere else and even profit from it.

with you can quickly assemble a book cover (for free, no need to buy premium). You can upload images you found and add titles and all :slight_smile:

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