Cowboy Pickup (VonnaHarper)

Cowboy and cowgirl. A one-night stand to beat all one-night stands—or will there be more? Friday night at the Sidewinder bar is exactly what rancher Loria needs. Nothing like some cold beer and hot men. Then a tall, lean, just-off-the-range wrangler in a Stetson walks in and makes his move. She accepts. Okay, more than accepts. Gives as good as she gets.To hell with their appreciative and half-drunk audience. To hell with possible consequences. Loria is going to ride her cowboy, repeatedly. Of course, there’s the matter of his determination to beat her to the punch, not that she minds. Against the bar. On top of the table. Mare and stallion.The deeds done, there’s nothing left to do but go their separate ways, right? Maybe not, because sometimes a one-night stand has an unexpected twist.

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