Creation Tips & Tricks on Tales

Not sure where to start? We’ve built a hand collection of links to help you jump in! Feel free to start a topic if you have questions that you don’t see answered here or would like input or ideas too :purple_heart:

Tutorials & Guides


TalesCreator tutorials - Here, you can find all kinds of information and further in-depth tutorials
Choices guide - Want to include choices in your story? Find a quick guide here.
Full Syntax page - Cheat sheet for all possible TC commands


#creation-talk-and-tips - Get instant input from the community!

Best Practices


Content Policies - Story content policies for Tales
Terms of Service Creators - All information about what you agree to when you want to publish on Tales. It contains also information about your IP and about the monetization/payment.
Terms of Service for Contests When you enter a contest, you agree to those ToS.


#writers-lounge - Live chat with other Tales authors about what you’re working on
#script-sharing - Get feedback from the Tales community on your chapter or script
#visuals-audio-fx - Receive quick feedback on visuals, audio, and/or fx questions



#creation-talk-and-tips - Receive instant support for your issue
#creator-bugs - Report a bug and get live support from the community


These links seem to be broken. Is there anywhere else to find these guides?

I was wondering the exact same thing. Can’t really do much without them. :thinking:

Oh, you can check in the Talescreator under the ? you can find tutorials :sparkling_heart:

Edit: I updated the links in the upper post :slight_smile:

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Forgive me if this question is posted elsewhere, how do I change my stories discussion thread from private to public when they want to leave a comment in-app?

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Hey :slight_smile: I reported this to the Team and am currently waiting for an answer from them :slight_smile:
They already know about this problem, and fixed it for some with an update, but looks like it didn’t help with your story?

So I’ll get back to when they give me an answer :smiley: just reporting so you don’t think we haven’t seen your post :heart:

Thanks for keeping me posted adarkwood. Would it help the process along if they know the app is played on samsung fe s20, android and downloaded through the google play store?

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It certainly helps, and also the story title would be great too, or is it for both?

Sure, Sky Blue Heart and Living Prose and Poetry.