Crew Hates (DeanaBirch)

A grumpy first mate and the nosy new girl get a whole new kind of cabin fever.

Emilia Diaz is all ready for her two-week paid work vacation aboard a private yacht in the South of France. With her final year of nursing school ahead of her, she’s putting down her textbooks to be a crew member for a wealthy and extremely private family. Sure, it’s not a real vacation. She has to wash and fold endless towels, constantly trek up and down the stairs and serve the family’s every whim—but it should be fun, right?

Wrong. From the minute she boards the private jet in Miami, it’s clear. Emmie has a green-eyed, grumpy as hell thorn in her side. Forget small talk. First Mate Nick won’t even talk-talk. But as the two weeks progress and Nick starts to open up, Emmie thinks she might have cracked his cranky shell.

Could crew hate turn into a crew date?

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