After moving into an old mansion, the protagonist, a young woman named Emily, discovers a beautiful antique mirror in the attic. However, strange things begin to happen around the house soon after she hangs the mirror on the wall in her bedroom.

Emily starts experiencing vivid nightmares in which she’s trapped inside the mirror, surrounded by eerie figures that whisper ominous messages. She also begins to notice unusual changes in her appearance whenever she looks in the mirror, as if the reflection is becoming distorted and twisted. As the days pass, Emily becomes increasingly obsessed with the mirror and its dark history. She learns that the mirror was once owned by a witch who cursed it, causing anyone who looked into it to be possessed by malevolent spirits. Emily realizes that she’s trapped in a deadly game of supernatural forces and must find a way to break the curse before it’s too late.

As the story progresses, Emily’s grip on reality begins to unravel, and she struggles to distinguish between what’s real and what’s a hallucination. The tension builds up to a chilling climax as Emily confronts the mirror’s curse and discovers its true power.

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great story

i wish other unfinished story games would be finished.