Daredevil Darlings: Bet On It (alyssac)

I knew I wanted him. But I also knew he was forbidden.
That’s what made it all the more exciting.

The last thing on Asmee Chowdhury’s mind regarding college was catching feelings for Queen Bee, Carina Gomez’s boyfriend, Raunaq Chatterjee. But things are never what they seem at Angelwood Academy.

Asmee had expected to live a non-existent college life initially. But when senior, Mishka Sharma, decides to take her under her wing, Asmee’s life is thrown into utter chaos. She gets sucked into a world of bets, dares, and constantly living on the edge.

She knows it’s not good for her. But there’s something strangely addictive about the thrill of danger.

Read the first installment of Daredevil Darlings: Bet On It, to know more about her adventures.

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- Chapter 1: Prologue
- Chapter 2: Friends In Strange Places
- Chapter 3: Terms & Conditions
- Chapter 4: Tempting Fate
- Chapter 5: Doing Somethin’ Unholy
- Chapter 6: Wanna Bet?
- Chapter 7: Your Move, Ice Queen
- Chapter 8: Friends Before Idiots
- Chapter 9: Confessions
- Chapter 10: Settlements
- Chapter 11: Epilogue