dark day (omran)

I came close to drowning

Back story: In the neighborhood where I live, there are many beaches and a harbor nearby, so swimming is very popular.

In the summer, every time I heard about someone drowning, so-and-so was pulled away by the waves, so-and-so fell into a whirlpool that pushed him away from the shore and he drowned.

In the summer holidays that year, my friends and I planned to go to the sea together, to have a nice and fun day. I was only 15 years old then.

We planned the trip for a week, then we decided to go, we gathered our things and set out on the road, and we reached the sea, which was a little far away. Surprisingly, the weather wasn’t that nice. At each beach there is a flag of a specific color that indicates the danger of swimming, green, orange, red. That day, the flag was red.

Being stupid adventurous teenagers ourselves, we decided we’d stay anyway. And we were swimming A wave answers its sister, I found myself about 100 meters away, being a very good swimmer (sarcasm) I wasted my energy on the stupid way I was swimming

Now, I found myself in a certain valley, rather a great cleft in the sea (kilometres deep) in that place, and I found that the water was beginning to pull me down, and the waves counting me backwards. And the panic began and my attempts to go back, which is useless, with every attempt I make, I move forward a little and go back the same distance or more Now, my wonderful brain, what does it do? It starts by remembering all those people I’ve heard of who drowned in similar circumstances. Destiny began to unfold. If something doesn’t happen now, I will die. And I started thinking “Oh my God! I’m going to die here, I just graduated from middle school, I still have so much to do” I kept trying to swim for 10 minutes that felt like years, I had filled my stomach so well that morning, I had enough energy to hold on for a while, I wasn’t going to give up Never. at all I was swimming a little bit to get tired, then rest and then try again, until a friend (18 years old, a student in a military school) who I had met a while ago saw me. Life came back to me. And I plunged into the water like a madman with all my might to advance. When he came to me, he was trying to help me, but he also had problems, trying to pull me and trying to pull himself To hang with me too, he could have saved himself. But he couldn’t save us both.

The marine lifeguards (beach police? beach guards? beach guard? I really don’t know) came to rescue us, thank God we got out safely, I went back to the beach. To hear some talk from my friends about how stupid I am by being away, honestly I knew I was stupid I don’t need you to tell me again.

I sat on the beach thinking about what happened for about 10 minutes, then a friend came up to me and said, “Can we come in?”, I looked him in the eyes, then you smiled, needless to say, I entered again.

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