Dark Sun: The Way of the Will (Raddu)

You have been brought up on the fiery slopes of the Smoking Crown Mountains, raised in a monastery with no recollection of your parents. There Master Xoxti cared for you and instructed you in the Will and the Way, powerful mental arts. You longed to see the outside world, but not like this. Choose your path, can you survive the desert wastes of Athas and thrive under a Dark Sun or will your soul be destined for the Grey before long?

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- Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Sanctuary

Hi, how many chapters is this goi g to have?

I don’t know, this is my first attempt. Probably just a few and then I’ll try to make a more complex one with more RPG like rules.

I still don’t understand how to play Tales,so… I have a hard time understanding how to play.

You just choose the actions you’d like to take in the moment.

I’m enjoying it so far! Thank you for a new adventure on Athas!

Interesting so far will there be new chapters soon please

any updates on the new chapters?