Darkendore (chrislarge)

A lot happens in Chapter 9!

I’ll keep that in mind.

Try it and see.

Thanks for your recommendation!

I can’t find TNG Trek. I wish there was a search function.

Hi Dylanlee,

There are two ways to find TNG Trek. If you go to the start screen for Darkendore and scroll down there will be a series of “related” stories. If you then scroll right you should find it eventually.

Otherwise, you can use the search function on the “Trending” screen. If you hit the “Trending” icon on the bottom of the screen a magnifying glass search icon should appear in the top left. You can search from there.

I hope you enjoy the story.


I didn’t know that there was a search function until you told me. Thank you.

No problem. It’s kinda hidden.

I wish I had returned Alex’s soul! I was just so worried about becoming a necromancer!



Fully customizable! Pick your look, LI gender and pronouns!!!