Darkendore (chrislarge)

With new powers, a dark past, and an unyielding thirst for revenge, you’re given a rare opportunity to make your mark in a surprising new career. Are you ready to attend magic school…for reapers?

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/sYklq3yUHnb

Great story. Hopefully the next chapter will be updated soon.

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Hey esm3rald. Glad you’re enjoying Darkendore. Doing my best to get the next episode out soon.

Definitely one of my favorite stories on here. Probably the only one ive spent gems on

Hi cycyblue, thank you so much for the positive feedback. I should have episode 8 out in the next few weeks. There’ll be 10 in total.

Great story! I’d love to read more by this author!

Thanks so much. I’m working on something new. Keep you eyes open for the first chapter in September. :grinning:

Def intrigued, reminds me of bleach <3

Thanks for that. I’ve never seen Bleach but it looks great. Will have to check it out. I had an anime-style character in mind when designing Yumi.

If you enjoyed playing Darkendore, I’m working on a new game for Tales called DreamWalkers. The first chapter is out here: https://link.talescreator.com/Q2PRVqqgqsb

this is my first story and I like it a lot

I’m so glad you enjoyed it. There are a lot of fantastic stories on Tales. Look around and I’m sure you’ll find another one.




Thanks for the nonbinary option. i love this story

such a good start !


almost impossible to get the best ending without spending gems

Hi darklord, thanks for playing Darkendore. While I provide the story to play for free, some options cost gems. Writers work hard to provide a satisfying experience for players even if they choose not to use gems, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be paid for our work.