Darkendore (chrislarge)

No problem. I believe in inclusivity :grin:.

im nonbinary.

I like this story

Love this and how many choices there are who we want to spend time with

Thanks. Glad you’re enjoying it.

Is there more books or just the one?

Not yet. I’m working on a new project though. You can find it here: https://link.talescreator.com/Q2PRVqqgqsb

Happy reading.

Thank you! I will check it out!



I am excited to read this story.

I really liked the story’s premise and charcters.

Thanks thrillerlover!

I am really enjoying this story so far! Its a very creative one too

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This story is good

That was nice, good worldbuilding. The end seemed a bit quick

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the main character is such a badass

Yes, she is.

Hey passing by here to say how much I appreciate this story. I love the descriptions of environments with words that paints a picture or really give insoghts into characters into thougths. I love enjoy that it’s not too “teenagery” / “casual slangs” in rhe dialogues. All the characters feel very “real” as they are demonstrates a deep humanity in empathy and care which make them feel more real and reading the story, it also makes me feel like we are not “rushing” the plot. I love character development and the pacing has been wonderful! Good work!! I’m enjoying it a lot!

*sorry for typos, the mobile app and the autocorrect got into the way to be able to be able to review what I wrote