Darkendore: Knight Defender (chrislarge)


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Right of course. You are free to charge what you want, and people are free to buy it or not. They are not ridiculously pricy, most authors are part time so it’s not like anyone cares whether they make money or not. No one’s being forced to read or write, it’s not anyone’s fault that a semi-literate truck driver can earn a lot more than a college professor.

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when is the next chapter coming out. I’m excited its release

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Next chapter could be out late this month or early March. Sorry for the delay. There’s a lot going on.

can’t wait for more to release really love it

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Hey why do you intentionally leave out some races or genders? Like some of your stories don’t have male protagonists, and others don’t have white protagonists…

Hi, there are a few reasons. Cat’s Claw was the first story I wrote for Tales and it was always designed to be a story about a female superhero. I wrote it several years ago now and it was before the major movie studios were making films about female heroes. Also, Tales didn’t support customizable MCs at that point so there’s just the one option.

Darkendore was a little different. That one is a Harry Potter-type story. Obviously there is already a story of this type with a white, male MC so I made this one with a choice of two females and one male, the male being black. When I first made the options I had an option for a white female, an Asian female and a black male, but Tales chose to update the character art for that story and changed the white female to a black female. I didn’t make that choice but I didn’t mind it either. With Knight Defender I have just carried on the same choice of MCs from Darkendore since I can’t create new ones in the same art style.

I was writing Dreamwalkers for Tales on contract, and I was given a list of characters for that story by the Tales Narrative team. It was meant to be about a Mexican MC and so that’s how I wrote it. You can be either male or female. That story is on hold right now due to a directive from Tales.

TNG Trek: Orion Raiders is the first story I’ve written for Tales with a white male MC option since Star Trek has a tradition of white men as main characters and because I realize I haven’t really had many options for white male MCs in the past.

Hope that answers your question.


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nice story

Ugh I don’t have enough diamond to continue

Wait, why IS MC still in their initiate habits? What was even the point of the Knocking Ceremony…

loved it

how many chapters will there be?

wish there were more darkendore books