Demonique and The HellHunters (ZacharySergi)

On Earth, Dani inherits the power (and duty) to hunt down demons who escape the underworld. Meanwhile, in hell there is a human-hunter who protects demons from deadly mortal attacks. Will they achieve their ultimate goal of defeating each other? Or will they discover the secret that has set them against each other?

Play as Demonique AND The HellHunter to uncover clues, solve cases, navigate drama and slay all day.

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I love how the plot develops. I’m curious about the final.


Reminds me a little of the Demonata series of books by Darren Shan and the Devil May Cry video game series. I’m interested in finding out what happenes next.


Final episodes will be out soon! :smiley:

Oooh I haven’t read that - but I love the Devil May Cry series. I can see the similarities there!

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Do y’all know who you are romancing yet? I do love Venge, gotta say…

Definitely a series I would recommend to anyone who enjoys fantasy or stories about demons :blush:


Is this series completed?

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It’s good.

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Thank you!!