Demon's Dance (XeniaMelzer)

Declan and Troy have been waiting for their mate patiently and with dignity… Hell, scratch that. They’ve been waiting forever—and nothing will stop them from keeping him.

When the only two uber alphas currently in existence finally find their gorgeous, submissive omega mate, life has to be perfect—right? Well, one out of three ain’t that bad, and Declan and Troy never wanted a submissive omega anyway.

Finding the right mating gift to impress their royal mate turns out to be a bit of a challenge, but the way they see it, that’s just an opportunity to show how perfectly suitable they are to be Alerion’s mates. If only the damn street tom would stop trying to make minced meat out of their arms.

Alerion is beyond happy to have found his mates—yes, mates, plural! He’s not entirely sure how to woo the two werewolf alphas, but for a demon who knows every dance in existence, nothing is impossible. Getting rid of all the doe-eyed, helpless and completely submissive omegas suddenly popping up in Beaconville like a rash after a rendezvous with poison ivy and claiming they need protection from the two uber alphas turns out to be a bit more complicated.

Between well-meaning friends and family and an interfering Shifter Council, their mating dance is anything but boring.

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