'Discuss' and 'Debate' is too formal and intimidating

I said it all in the above title. I’m sharing my opinions (intending) to help the community grow and be cozier and, hopefully, more engaged. I apologize if it doesn’t sound like it.

Main issue - the one I saw when I first laid my eyes on the Android Beta one year ago:

When I see that button on the app calling the readers to "DISCUSS," I feel intimidated.
When I muster the courage to chat about something, I find the term DEBATE. :sweat:

Man, the choice of words makes the whole thing look elegant and formal… But not inviting at all.
It’s my perception, of course, but perhaps you should rethink the choice of words and replace it with ‘Our Community’ or something.

The forum is classy and beautiful with seriffed fonts and this clean appeal. I praise the web designers involved. But it also looks very intimidating and too focused on the authors instead of the readers. We even have tips about how to charge gems here. I believe we should have a separate place for this type of advice and try to promote the forums when the readers feel they can participate without walking on eggshells or thinking it’s a place about writing and not about reading.

Perhaps subforums for writers only? Can we have roles assigned?
Just a suggestion, of course.

Finally, I need to verify my address every time I login in. Other forums have a single-time verification. I verify it only once; they don’t require me to fetch a code on my email anymore.

I hope it helps somehow.


THANK YOU for taking the time to submit this feedback! I will digest & surface what you have to say to the team.

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