Do It Again (KathrynLively)

Everybody loves a comeback…Randi Marsh loves a good, unbelievable story. She’s told so many about herself, she isn’t sure what’s real anymore. Scratch that, she knows two things are true—she could never completely give up her first passion of playing rock and roll. And Derek Hynde is the devil’s spawn and if you see him, kick him in the teeth.

The moment Derek saw that cocky, sexy young woman strut with a guitar like she owned the world, back in the hairspray and cocaine-fueled Eighties, he was smitten. Something set Randi apart from all the wannabe rock girls with their flyaway hair and skin-tight jeans. She had talent, and he had the means to make her a star. He just didn’t know what he was in for with her.

That was then, and in the now Derek’s ready to make amends, offering Randi a chance to relive her glory days. Randi, now an established TV director and showrunner, can’t just run off and join a rock and roll tour…at her age! With a man she allegedly despises.

Or can she?

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