Doctor Vagina (BosyElselhdar)

I am a gynecologist. That’s my job. To every other man this job is unbearable. In the beginning, they get excited by touching women’s vaginas but, over time, they got bored and disgusted. This never happened to me though, and this is why I’m such a famous gynecologist.
Women come along asking for my touch – for the pleasure and satisfaction that I can give them with by my fingers.
The way that I look helps me access a lot of woman’s hearts and pussies. They crave my body and my huge dick. My playful experienced fingers make them wet and get them ready for my dick in only a few seconds.
It’s not easy and in never was easy, but I made a rules: Don’t ever sleep with any woman more than once, and do not fall in love.
I enjoy tasting every woman, but I never taste them more than once. This helps me to not to get bored. I don’t give myself to every that woman stops by my doors. I do have a type and I don’t make compromises. At the start of my career, I did, but not now. That was until a my

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