Domination (LyraByrnes)

A good-girl journalist falls under the spell of the most dangerous man in rock and roll. Amid the madness, she tries to keep her head, but is it too late for her heart?

Good girl Josie Arrington knows what it takes to be the only female journalist at a renowned music magazine—work hard and take every assignment, even if it means knocking on the dressing room door of Domination singer Bram Hunter, an intensely private, devastatingly sexy rock god. But when Bram mistakes her for a groupie with expertise in feisty submission, Josie realizes she still has a lot to learn.

Over the course of a scorching two-week tour with the band, Josie is pulled into Bram’s world, and his heart. As a writer, Josie can’t help trying to make sense of her sinful new secrets through a private blog. After all, no one will ever see it, right?

Domination is an erotic journey into a dark netherworld of lust, love and betrayal. Turn the volume up!

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