Don't Die of Dysentery (adarkwood)

Broken bones? Cholera? Typhoid? Can you battle the elements and make it across the country to your new home in the West?

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This is a great game. Very fun and replayable, also.


It felt a bit short though, maybe try adding two or three more major blocks (like the river and mountain). Also, it would be nice if you could buy 200 provisions at 1 time.


Hi Akrix!

Thank you so much! I’m so grateful for the feedback, and I’m happy it was fun.

I’ll let the team know about the story length, maybe they’d want me to add more to it :wink:

Thank you!

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Yessss. Playing the second time around, I did NOT die!! Not even once! IDK why I’m so proud if this lol… like now I’m ready to go on the real Oregon trail hahaha… I love the many different endings and how differently your story progresses with different guides.
Edit: I just noticed how often I used the word “different”… My vocab is very limited this morning.

(Pro tip: go with the hunter!! hehe)

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You just were lucky :smiley: but yes the hunter is a great help :smiley:

how do i put a spoiler blur??? (also, i’m not lucky, i’m SKILLED)

This is amazing! Props to whoever made it!

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Oh, thank you! I’m happy you enjoyed it :smiley: :heart_eyes:

This is so much fun!!!

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Aww thank you :blush: happy you like it!

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Wonderful. How do i get luck at getting gold?

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luck just depends on luck :smiley: but some of the other companions might help :slight_smile:

Do u mind of i sit here?

not sure what you mean :smiley: but please feel welcome to stay as long as you like :smiley:


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Can i get a cappucchino, please?


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Great game! I’m excited to replay it with the other guides and see how it adds to the gameplay. I used the doctor and thebhunter

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Great! Happy you enjoyed it :smiley:
I, personally, think the hunter is the easiest to get through, followed by the doc :smiley: the others are a bit more challenging :slight_smile: but hopefully also fun!