Dragon King (wittyluna)




Her annoying yet gentle voice fell in my ears. Was she the only one my dragon could choose?

A fucking human!


I said without pondering over it. If my ancestors were to listen to me saying sorry, then I would have been rolling in their graves.

“Umm Sire"

Her timid voice reached my ears and I couldn’t help but frown. She shouldn’t be scared of anything.

Damn I am turning bipolar. Just a moment ago I threw her in front of those angry dragons. Hoping they could end her up and make my life easy.

But what happened, my dragon, whom this human thinks is a ‘cutie’ lizard, ended up saving her.


I looked up to see Chase perched over her cleavage. Cheeky bastard.

“Fuck off"

I said through the mind link to my liza… I mean dragon. This human is having a bad effect on me.

I got up at full height as I heard footsteps coming in our room’s direction.

Our! Someone wake me up from this bad dream please. I am legit going crazy.

I sighed as I made my way to the door.

“Umm should I leave"

She asked me. I simply shook my head as her eyes turned to Chase that sat on her chest, cooing at him.

I rolled my eyes at them.

A killing machine., the way he is licking her could leave a dog behind.


I ignored him as my general came in front of me.

“Greeting sire. There is news from the Vamparia kingdom."

I nodded my head allowing him to tell me further.

“A woman from Vamparia has fled to Dragonia. The Vampire King requests your assistance to find and bring their human property back to make an example for all those humans that think of running away.", the general stated.

“Vampire King and his ways… Poor human, she will be made to see hell on earth.”, I said

At that very moment I could hear the increased heartbeats of the human on the bed.


She cursed.

I turned in her direction to see her form trembling.

Our eyes collided and I could see the unshed tears in them.


It was my turn to swear.

Great, could the day get any more worse…