Dragon's Lair (Pelaam)

Easily bored, Eryx is delighted to visit Dragon’s Lair’s closed world. There, he meets Jarah, a beautiful Draguardian. But Jarah’s secret could separate them forever.

Rich and easily bored, Eryx anticipates a holiday on the reclusive world of Dragon’s Lair. It’s just the solution to quench Eryx’s unending thirst for excitement and adventure. What could be more intriguing than coming face-to-face with one of the ancient and magnificent beasts?

There, he meets Jarah, a young, exceptionally beautiful man who is the Draguardian for the great dragon Adish. Unaccustomed to meaningful relationships, Eryx learns the hard way that there’s a world of difference between entertaining an attraction and acting on it. Careless actions have grave consequences. Nor is Dragon’s Lair all that it seems.

Helping to protect Jarah and his beloved dragons, Eryx uncovers the secret of Dragon’s Lair. More importantly, his slowly evolving love for Jarah comes to mean more than anything else.

However, Jarah has one more secret that could keep the lovers apart, forever.

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