Dream Benders (Dethnarcades)

Let’s say you learn you’re destined to die. However, you’ve been given a slight chance to change that fate. What would you do to survive? How far would you go? This is the journey of a boy trying to defy his destiny and a girl who wishes to find true happiness. When a strange red-haired girl who has lost her memories suddenly arrives at Z-1/Aron’s school, a boy with psychic abilities, his whole world begins to crumble. He’s forced to flee from the safety of the underground base he lives in with a few others after it is attacked and his caretaker, Father, is kidnapped. He knows nothing of the underground system full of tunnels, nor of the derelict people, mutants, or Brain Eaters that live in them. Why does everything seem to be out to kill him out here, including a powerful tyrant known as The One Overall? The sole reason life on Earth was forced to live underground in the first place. Despite the odds against him and the tunnels being a dangerous place, Z-1/Aron would reach past the subconscious realm and even reality itself to change his fate. But will it actually be enough?

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