Drive Me Wild (KathrynLively)

There’s more than one way to ride shotgun.

A serious error in judgment sends actress Steffi Corden spiraling from A-list sweetheart to Hollywood pariah. Her TV show is canceled, her ex-boyfriend has married somebody else, and not only can she not eat lunch in this town again, she can’t legally drive through it. It’s going to take some serious butt-kissing and good behavior to climb back to the top. Getting there with a suspended license, though, is half the battle.

Barry Spahn came to Hollywood with dreams of the big time. While his unsold scripts pile up on his hard drive, he pays the bills as a rideshare driver, mostly shuttling other hopefuls to auditions and meetings. When he’s hired to chauffeur Steffi around town he’s initially skeptical given her reputation, but quickly comes to understand her. Nevertheless, he drives her around L.A. while she drives him nuts.

How Steffi and Barry make the journey from road rage to true romance becomes one long, strange trip, one neither wants to end.

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