Echoes of Nonsol: A Sunless Reincarnation (joemessink)

When Joe Friel entered the Grab’n’Go for his routine pack of cigarettes, he’d never guess he’d be forced to pay the ultimate price! After waking to find himself reincarnated as the survivor of a shipwreck, Joe washes up on the shores of Lahn Doth, a mysterious, abandoned metropolis. The island’s sole inhabitant, Ta’ Dursin, informs him of an ancient affliction on all Seven Isles on the NonSol Sea: the sun was stolen from the sky. No longer just an average “Joe”, the newly christened Jophiel must travel with Stolus, Ta’ Dursin’s strange but alluring companion, to each of the Seven Isles in his attempt to restore the sun and bring peace to NonSol once more!

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- Chapter 1: One Life Ends
- Chapter 2: Another Life Begins
- Chapter 3: City of Clocks
- Chapter 4: Lahn Doth Isle
- Chapter 5: The Self-Saving System
- Chapter 6: The Ta’s Tragic Tale
- Chapter 7: Curse of NonSol
- Chapter 8: A Humble Request