Eldkin Knight (derekshoults)

An orc menace who fancies himself a king and a knight issues a challenge to the realms of Ennead. Beat me, if you can…

Hundreds of miles away, an unassuming farm boy joins a famed knighthood academy with dozens of other hopefuls. In the world of Ennead, knights are athletic stars, politicians, adventurers, and kings. And every knight worth his salt trains at a Continental Academy.

The headmasters are weary. Will one of their students be strong enough, disciplined enough, and courageous enough to defend the realms from the Great Northern Orc Horde, or will the realms as they know it perish?

Eldkin Knight is a series of novellas following the life and adventures of Brom, a nobody from a nothing family who desperately wants to be the greatest knight in Ennead. Written as a Saturday morning cartoon for adults, this novella (and those that follow) is a fun, action-packed romp through a fantasy world filled with lore, magic, and plenty of sword-swinging fights.

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