Elemental Faith (LMSomerton)

When you’re a warlock, proving your worth can be fatal. Evrain Brookes had thought that being a warlock was about genetics—a freak offshoot of evolution that somehow allowed him to manipulate the elements. So when his godfather explains there’s a deeper purpose for warlocks being around, one that stretches back into the reaches of time, Evrain is intrigued.Warlocks have been using their abilities to tweak the course of history for the better since records began but before Evrain can be allowed to fulfill his destiny, he has to pass a test. This challenge takes him and his life partner, Dominic Castine, back to Scotland, to the Isle of Skye. What they both face there will determine the course of their future.Evrain has no way of knowing if he will prevail, but both their lives depend on it.

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