Empath (AlliMari)

Isabella Foxworthy isn’t like other sixteen-year-olds. She’s an Empath, able to feel and manipulate the emotions of those around her. Known as the last diadem child, her rare abilities make her both a beacon of hope and a target of danger. Living in the Foxworthy Hotel, a hidden gem in Los Angeles, she’s unaware that beneath its foundations lies the Violet City, a magical realm where the fair folk and their descendants reside. But the Foxworthy Hotel isn’t just her home; it’s a gateway to this hidden realm teeming with magic and mystery.

Her world takes a turn when she befriends Seth, Micah, Cleo, and Xander—each with abilities mirroring her own. Together, they’re thrust into a race against time to find the lost Foxworthy heir, whose existence is pivotal in safeguarding the Violet City from a powerful and ancient foe. As this enemy’s dark magic begins to twist Isabella’s mind, threatening all she holds dear, the question looms: Will they find the heir in time, and if they do, will he stand with them or against them? Dive into this thrilling urban fantasy that promises magic, friendship, and heart-pounding adventure.

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