Enforcer's Claim (wittyluna)


All Lilith Fairchild has known is abuse since the age of thirteen. Having the mark of an omega is a disgrace and over that when your wolf is a runt. Seen as a burden she is mistreated…

| • |

All Xerxes Sinclair has known is respect. Being the strongest enforcer in the world he has everything. He is above any Alpha and rumours say he even controls the council that rules all the werewolf around the world…

| • |

But one visit to Lakewater pack changes it all as he comes face to face with his mate aka Lilith. Not knowing the truth about her pack and how they mistreats her, he shows her the cold shoulder.

When even Lilith’s mate ignores her, it breaks her apart. His one comment throws her off the cliff ready to end all but when Xerxes saves her and knows the truth, regret and guilt consumes him.

Vowing to do anything for her forgiveness, what will Xerxes do when she turns into a numb glass doll…?