Escaping Normal (PamelaLTodd)

Sammi is an intern for a TV talent show, hating life and desperate to escape the monotony, when her wake-up call finds her. A member of a band involved with the show, the dark and mysterious Blaine, shows an intense and sudden interest in Sammi.

For the first time, she wonders if maybe she shouldn’t have been so eager for things to change.

With Blaine permanently fixed in her mind, she dreams of him—violent, bloody and intensely sexual dreams that only pull her towards him more. Sammi knows there is something uniquely different about Blaine—something she doesn’t know or understand…but something she wants.

Every second spent with Blaine is one spent with danger. But every second spent without him feels worse.

Sammi wanted to take a bite out of the big apple, but will she escape with her life before it bites back? More importantly…will she want to?

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