Every Beat Belongs To You (RoAnnaSylver)

In the near future, EveryBeat, a medical corporation, has created the perfect artificial heart. It saved your father’s life…until the moment your family was unable to pay. Instantly, your father died - which the corporation claimed was just a coincidence. Now your sister has gone missing and you’re plunged deep into a world of conspiracy and serial murders. Can you find your way out?

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/cgVXd4coXjb

Please tell me there will be more chapters soon

Thank you so, so much for reading and wanting more of this weird little horror game!

It’s been a really rough year for me health-wise, but I absolutely have not forgotten this story (or THE GREAT BATSBY!), and I’m finally getting back up to writing a little every day. There WILL be more, even if it takes me longer than I’d like. Thank you so much again! <3


Yay :grinning:

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Good to know

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okay but this is an absolute killer first chapter! i hope, author, your health is kinder to you this year (not just because of the cool tales you’re crafting… but also not NOT because I wanna get my teeth back into them, because they’re just delicious!)

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Oh wow, THANK YOU so much for this! I’m so happy you liked this opening; I’ve been a little unsure of it so this is just wonderful to hear, thank you. I’m slowly trying to get back into writing, health remains Precarious, but I really want to do more here. (I did just update my other project, THE GREAT BATSBY!)

Seriously, thank you so much!!