February '22: Something I Can Sink My Teeth Into

Our February contest is live! Check it out https://talescreator.com/contest/something-i-can-sink-my-teeth-into/.

I’m SO excited - vampire stuff in February?! I don’t even have to wait until October :star_struck:

Tell me about your entry! Is it something brand new or are you submitting something you’ve already written? I need all the juicy details :drop_of_blood: :smirk:

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Hey authoramy,

that sounds great and please do write it and hand it in :smiley:
however, for the contest, they only take entries up to 3000 words - though you can expand the story afterward. So perhaps write a snippet from your storyline that you find most interesting for the reader :smiley:

How to meet, some ideas:

A silly hobby after-class or even something considered more sophisticated? Chess? Or even maybe a very old game - Go? (vampire could be pretty old and of Asian descent)

Visiting an old friend in the hospital who’s dying? Could be a former LI of the vampire, and relative to the new LI?

hmm, only thing that came out right of the top of my mind :smiley: but maybe it helps form another new idea :smiley:

Good luck with your entry!

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Oooh, that is awesome!! What if they met at a campus blood drive? :joy:

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I guess that’s for blood donation? :smiley: Brilliant :smiley: Vampire could work there and get busted when they drink one bag in her breaktime :smiley: or after her shift ^^

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We received a RECORD number of contest entries for this one! Over 170! :clap: Let’s break that record in March :smirk: Stay tuned for winners!