Finding Love (ekpeters)

Thank you!


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i have read almost all your books they are amazing

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cool story

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good so far

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it sucks that when gain a point with one guy lose a point with the other. so to do well have to decide early on who you want to go after

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Definitly recommend

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Am I the only one who likes Parker??? like he is so cute, wish he too was a romance option would have loved it!

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Thank you for reading and happy you enjoyed them!

A fellow writer complained about the sane thing to the point they asked for the cheat sheet on a specific guy. Hope you’re enjoying it so far and thanks for reading.

Thank you so much for the recommendation! Glad you enjoyed it!

Honestly, I loved Parker too, but when i thought about adding an ending for him, I dreaded all the coding I had to redo LOL! Thanks for reading too!

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So much drama lol

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half good

actually every normal green flag guy here is not an option

instead of finding love the name should have been “which shade of red?”

Not sure what you mean but thanks for taking the timeto check out the story.

i meant that all the love interests are red flags with different intensity

For some reason I have a soft spot for Owen ha!

owen is funny