For the Ones You Love (Ennas_07_Azalle)

How much do you love the people you surround yourself with? And would you be willing to do whatever it took to ensure their happiness – at the expense of your own?
Sixteen-year-old Rayne has been a terrible friend and a bad brother. All that changes when his brother faces a life-changing situation and his friends are driven to part ways with him, perhaps permanently.
After befriending the new transfer student and with his brother placed once more under his charge, Rayne feels he’s been given a second chance to do things right by the people he loves – one he’ll do whatever it takes to not let go to waste.
Set in the fictional Caribbean island of Vican, a journey that tests friendships (old and new) and familial bonds is set into motion and its outcome dependent on Rayne weighing every decision with the utmost care, or risk repeating his past mistakes.

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