Forbidden Moon (Ocrane)

Alana Vestas is everything the child of an alpha wolf could ask for. She is fearless and intelligent and beautiful, a fine catch to any male that wants her hand. When her mother takes ill and her placement as the new alpha female becomes imminent, she must choose to ensure the lineage of her bloodline…
That is until she meets the beautiful young doctor, Maya Lantern and starts to question every tradition she’s ever known.

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- Chapter 1: Chapter One
- Chapter 2: Chapter Two
- Chapter 3: Chapter Three
- Chapter 4: Chapter Four
- Chapter 5: Chapter Five
- Chapter 6: Chapter Six
- Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
- Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
- Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
- Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
- Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
- Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
- Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
- Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
- Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
- Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen

When Will You Add New Charpters to this Story???

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When will you finish writing this story?
This do not seem a real pure Lesbian story? Because You force us to be with a boring little boy for real???



When will you finish the story?