Forbidden Passion: My Father's bestfriend (Emmanuella)

Amelia gets introduced to a man—her father’s best friend. The same man she almost had a one night stand with. But this man was irresistible, he questioned her and intrigued her all at once. All the same, Amelia sees Evans as a b*** who infuriates her and Evans sees Amelia as an impulsive and unreasonable witty lady.

Will she be able to control her feelings when she finds herself falling deep into the arms of her father’s best friend? Or will she avoid the building attraction between them both? Evans Scott is also not alien to all of this. Will the handsome 40 year old Billionaire go through with his feelings for his best friend’s daughter or break her heart like he does to all women?

Follow the story of Amelia and Evans as they cut through their tumultous love story when Love, Lust and Betrayal spark in their lives.

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i really love your books, my lovely author. please update