Forgotten Love (JuliannaZacleese)

Some things are best left forgotten.

Scarlet Pierce has it all—an impressive home, a successful business and an intimidatingly handsome husband who adores her. It’s the kind of life most people only dream of. There’s just one problem?she doesn’t remember any of it.

When a horrific car accident claims her twenty-eight years of memories, Scarlet is thrust into a world of self-discovery and terrifying nightmares that she soon learns are echoes of the past.

Her life is turned upside down once again when she’s introduced to the man who saved her from the near-fatal crash, the strong, silent Mitch. The two share an instant connection but when Scarlet begins to have memories of him, she realizes there’s more to him, and them, than meets the eye.

As she starts to recover her memories and uncover the shocking truth, Scarlet discovers that some things are best left forgotten.

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