Fragmented (k.marie.johnson)

You wake up in London, covered in scars and with no memory of who you are. A man approaches, relieved to have found you. He tells you you’re his governess and takes you home to look after his children. Only the house has no mirrors, you’re not allowed into the basement, and there’s something… off… about these children. Can you solve the mystery of who you are and what is happening around you? Or will your memory be taken from you again?

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This is a fun story! I love gothic mysteries!

man beginning gritty and gothic atmosphere have me hooked.

I’m excited to continue

I used my power in the last chapter and the chapter was imidiatly finished


Do not read

this is weird



Very cool


nice start !

This book is lit

I like this! But I think there’s a minor bug in ch.2 where the laughing keeps looping. Disregard this if it’s intended :wink:


an ok story

I’m intrigued