From Knight to Night (elizabethkalmus)

When Princess Regina, despite her attempts to escape her fate, is forced to marry King Leopold of Misthaven, she plunges into a state of despair, forever forbidden from true love and a purely happy ending.
Meanwhile, citizen Emma Swan has spent her life falling in love with her sword, refining her skill every day as a gifted handler of the sleek weapon as a young girl. Having always wanted to serve as a Knight in her royal court, she reluctantly leads her dreamless life as a good daughter to her parents while working in town.
But when the new Queen stumbles upon Emma skirmishing with a master swordsman, Emma is immediately appointed to a position as a Knight of Misthaven, insisted upon by the new Queen herself.
Then, Emma witnesses the real relationship between the King and Queen of her kingdom. Now, she vows to protect the Queen, and only the Queen, from that point forward.
But what happens when a protection vow turns into something more? Something neither of them ever expected?

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