From Light to Dark (vanessacox)

Sybille Esmond never wanted to inherit her family’s weird business! Now she’s summoning spirits of the undead to guide them to the afterlife.

While it pays the bills, dealing with supernatural monsters comes with colossal risks, including becoming undead herself.

When tall, dark, and undead Elis Tanner invades Sybille’s life, he brings with him a possessive, disembodied ex-wife.

Sybille must aid Elis in confronting his jealous ex, all while investigating the Blood King, a beast who refuses to die—by stake or by poison.

After a harrowing possession leaves her burned and bruised, Sybille finds herself drawing closer to Elis’ temptations. Can he help her kill the unkillable?

With the Blood King and his legions of undead closing in, she discovers her own life is far from the only thing in jeopardy.

If you like K. F. Breene, Lisa Edmonds, Shannon Mayer, or Linsey Hall, you’ll love this paranormal romance with magic, intrigue, and mystery!

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