Genetic Keynumber (MenelaosGkikas)

Ralph and Julie are in love, even though headstrong.

At Christmas this year, they will travel in a completely magical way to a library universe made of the materials which ideas and dreams are made of.

Inspired by the epic world of Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges and his gaming universe, a universe that includes all possible books, all possible pieces of music, all thoughts and all artistic projects, they will become capable of wonderful dreams but also terrible nightmares…

The almost infinite books lead the heroes as active players to futuristic role-playing games - of a magical nature - with multiple interpretations, various branches and multiple endings, exploring the dangers of the future.

Will they manage to overcome the possibility of a Babel that threatens this phantasmagoric universe as a destructive force of gravity? And why do the laws of physics and logic bend or break in this world? Will this Christmas be the occasion for Ralph and Julie to infuse their world with emotional memory?

The gamer decides!

An epic science fantasy story for all ages above 15 years old.