Ghosts of Redstone High (A7071)

“The world you inhabit will change when the Night Sun arrives. Be warned. The Bleed is coming.”

Art never knew what’s coming for him when he awoke in the world of the afterlife. Suffering from amnesia, Art couldn’t recall who he was when he was alive. Not his family, not his friends and not even his name. Thankfully, there are four ghosts who are willing to help him as he settles in a world that is new and yet so familiar to him.

And for a while, it was nice.

But the worst is yet to come. Art and his friends will soon become embroiled in a tragedy that happened hundreds of years ago where their friendship will be tested by an enemy that threatens their very existence. It is a story of fantasy, adventure, intrigue and youthful “never say die” attitude. This is the story of the Ghosts of Redstone High.

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