GOA (Pawhob466)

Once upon a time. There was a beautiful island with an amazing bustling forest that had not seen any deranging due to natural or manmade actions. Bustling with beautiful gigantic trees, plants, mountains, Waterfalls, a Stream, animals alike, etc. any other stuff you can find in a bustling soothing forest island of your imagination. This island was also occupied and inhabited by four kingdoms that governed and ruled this island. One was called Elvoga, the other was called Demonga, the other was called Orca, the other was called Dwarvoga, another was called Beasogat, and the last one was called Lizargo. Elvoga is located in the North, Demonga is located in the South, Dwarvoga is located in the west as they settle within one of the mountains, Orca settles between the border of Elvoga and Demonga and Lizargo inhabits one of the mountains that border the island you within the west and east of the island. This island is called GOA. This island called GOA was so peaceful and harmonious as the inhabitants enjoyed themselves and the breathtaking environment the island gave them. Until one fateful day when unfaithfully the humans discovered the island… Read on to find out what happened to this island called GOA. Even when the humans discovered the island its effect on the island and its inhabitants? Good?? or Bad??. Elvoga is elves, Demonga is Demons, Lizargo is lizardmen, Dwarvoga is dwarves, Beasogat is Beastmen and lastly Orca is Orcs. Read on if interested in this island called GOA.

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