Going Dutch (GenevieveAsh)

Pleasure seems to waiting around every corner when Cassandra attends a sex conference in one of the most sensual cities in the world. Her journey becomes one of erotic self-discovery.

Agreeing to participate in an erotic hypnosis seminar has Cassandra doubting her sanity. Flying to Amsterdam to meet her online lover, she finds her fears about the seminar were the least of her worries. Performing in front of a group is easy compared to submitting to the sensual challenges that await her around every corner in this sexy city.

With Michael’s gentle insistence she expands her sexual horizons and fulfils fantasies she wasn’t even aware she had—or wouldn’t have admitted to herself.

The time they spend together allows for mutual discovery of their needs as Michael questions his dominance and realises that he selflessly wants Cassandra to have it all. After a trip through the red light district and, a party where they sample erotic delights of every flavour, they find that the only way to truly sate their hunger is with one another.

As their bittersweet parting draws near, Cassandra begins to wonder how she will say goodbye, but Michael just may have a plan to help bridge the distance between them.

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