Guardians of the Earth (karthikreddy)

One night, a huge alien body and some green clusters from the space enters the Earth and fall in the atlantic ocean, few miles away from New York. A humanoid alien comes out of it. He will study about the life on earth. They need slaves for some work on their planet. He finds out that human beings are the perfect ones to work for them as slaves. NYRD (New York Research Department) finds out that the alien is very powerful and they can stop it only by the element in the green clusters which came along with it. They make a weapon using that element. It stops him for one time but it will be unable to destroy him completely. The alien however finds a way to activate the huge alien body. There is a hidden island in the Atlantic ocean near Bermuda. It is known as Atlantis. The Atlantians are more powerful than normal humans, and they have some extra-ordinary weapons. They believe that they are the Guardians of the Earth.

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