Happiness & Celebration thread!

Sometimes it’s nice to just… share something nice. Post here with something that made you happy today, or something you’re celebrating! :pleading_face: Spread the love :slight_smile:

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Celebrating this freakin forum! I’m having way too much fun making threads :eyes: as you might have noticed :joy:


Got a brand new office chair yesterday! So far it’s very comfy :blush:


I am currently in an office! MY office! I had an office very briefly before baby #2 arrived and it became her room… It is now still her room but she also has the bottom bunk in her sister’s room.

I now have a corner that has a desk, where my laptop is and I can lock myself in! No more leaving and going to my mom’s to work or waiting for someone to take her to a park…

I have an office!


YESSSSS. A Room Of One’s Own has come to you, Bean. You are it. You DID it. Congrats on your office!!