Happy Birthday Baby (PatriciaPellicane)

She stumbled upon shelter at last, only to discover a night of ecstasy.

He eagerly anticipated an erotic night of debauchery when the most adorable birthday present he’d ever known stumbled soaking wet upon his doorstep. She claimed to be lost. He thought she was perfect and whatever his friend paid for her it wasn’t nearly enough. She was beyond delicious and he eagerly joined her in her game of pretended innocence, realising she only caused his pleasure to intensify with every innocent look sent his way.

Too late he came to realising she played no game. Too late he knew her for the adorable creature she really was. The love of his life. A love that had cleverly escaped him.

Would he find her again? Would he ever know the thrill of her sweet kisses, the touch of her soft skin and the magic of her devastating kiss?

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