"Haunting of the Abandoned Hospital: The Possession Chronicles (honey_07)

The previous story is a horror series consisting of 6 chapters that revolves around a group of teenage girls who stumble upon a haunted hospital while taking a shortcut through the woods. As they explore the abandoned building, they encounter strange and terrifying occurrences that lead them to investigate the hospital’s dark past. However, their curiosity leads them to become possessed by a dark force that had taken over the hospital. The girls had to perform a ritual to banish the evil force and free themselves from its control. The story delves into the horror genre and explores themes of possession, trauma, and the paranormal.

upcoming part 2

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- Chapter 1: The Discovery
- Chapter 2: The Investigation
- Chapter 3: The Possession
- Chapter 4: The Ritual
- Chapter 5: Aftermath
- Chapter 6: The Return