Heart Shot (ElizabethLapthorne)

Emily is a cautious assassin. While researching a target as a favor for a friend it all goes wrong, and she bumps into Finlay Mann—an Agent. A deep conspiracy has them only able to trust each other and risk their most venerable targets—their hearts.

Emily is an assassin—but one with a difference. She insists on checking out her targets herself, refusing to take a mission from her government contact—James—until she’s satisfied the person truly does deserve to die. She’s doing such research on a highly placed government man—a friend of the PM—when all hell breaks loose. The café Keyton Marshall is in is shot up, and Emily finds herself under attack.

Finlay Mann is with the Agency. He’s tagging along, playing bodyguard when what was supposed to be a simple, time-filling, routine job goes seriously south. After making certain his client is safely away, he’s drawn in by Emily. Together, they’re trying to piece a complex puzzle and discover who is being lied to, betrayed, and possibly with traitorous results.

Unsure whom either can trust, it’s the passion that flares between them that finally reassures them both they’re on the same side, albeit from different perspectives. Emily is ensnared by Fin’s loyalty and compassion, and Fin finds himself desperate to protect and support this fierce, hard woman who for too long has been able to rely on no one but herself. They both know the fatality of a heart shot, but each is helpless to resist the other.

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