I’m excited to meet you all! I’m a fiction writer- romance, comedy, horror (sometimes all three). My first book was published in 2011, then I fell down the rabbit hole of promotions, marketing, editing, and book cover design. My passion got lost somewhere along the way. When Covid lockdown hit, I piqued my writing interest by learning how to write screenplays. Today there are 20 spreadsheets on my hard drive; outlines of stories waiting to be told. Can’t wait to get started. :grin:


Hey elli! :smiley:

Welcome! Glad you found your way to this app!

And moah :confounded: I can totally relate… the worst part for me is the marketing aspect :grimacing:

We’ll be looking forward to what you’re going to write here! (However, it’ll still need self-promotion here too :frowning: otherwise, same as on Amazon, hard for readers to just find you on the app.)

If you have any questions on how to do something :smiley: always feel free to ask (if you like on our Discord server too).